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The  REAL Question  is…    “What  is  R.E.A.L.?

R.E.A.L. is very personal because it’s about YOU, your future, your quality of life.

Elon Musk, Steven Hawkins, and other futurist visionaries say a Universal Basic Income System (UBI) is absolutely necessary, and will necessarily “alter civilization”.  That vision of the Future is HereNow.  And you are on the leading edge of it.

R.E.A.L. – – achieves that previously elusive and previously impossible vision through technology, creativity, and ultimately by thinking entirely outside the box.

R.E.A.L. is the core System of the ETHOS Technology. It’s the beginning of a practical and workable Universal Basic Income [Eco] System  – an entirely Private Sector owned and operated System, bypassing Government burdensome procedures while simultaneously helping Governments out of their self-induced coma of Social Welfare Program insolvency problems, and their self-stated eventual systemic collapse.

We do not believe in get-rich-quick schemes, and R.E.A.L. isn’t one of them. It’s a fully, multi-Patent Pending, solid technology, specifically engineered to provide a viable Universal Basic Income (UBI) to the masses of humanity, Globally – and perpetually.

We simply must take better care of our planet and humanity, here on Earth, using our vast resources to lift-up and elevate humanity; to produce a future worth living in, for everyone, especially those who can’t help themselves, and now, we have a solid technology to actually accomplish it.

The futuristic cutting-edge ETHOS System Architecture using breakthrough R.E.A.L. Technology will eventually evolve into the most profound and positive altering of civilization that mankind has ever experienced, and, not a moment too soon...

Gifting is perfectly legal, otherwise birthdays and holidays such as Christmas would be gift-less! Imagine not being able to give Wedding Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Gift Cards, or any Gifts!

We simply provide a platform and system to Members to enhance their ability to Gift in such a way that their Gifts are compounded, so that you effectively Receive more than you Donate (multiple Patents Pending).

Crowd funding platforms which are based on donations (gifted money) are legal. Although we don’t claim to be Crowd “Funding”, but Crowd “Gifting”, it’s along somewhat similar lines. However, “funding” is about a specific reason for receiving money, whereas “Gifting” can be for any season or reason. Also, “funding” isn’t compounded money, whereas our “Gifting” method is, which makes it far more generous, copious, impactful and powerful.

Of course, after Receiving money, you’re going to want to do it over and over again, which is why we provide you with “Auto Re-Entry”. This fully automated feature of the platform ensures that you’re not burdened with having to constantly monitor your account and manually go through the process of Gifting, over and over again.
The System simply reserves a small percentage of the Gifted Donations you Receive and Gifts you right back into the System for the opportunity to Receive even more Gifted Money. It simply doesn’t get any better than that!

Also, the Auto Re-Entry feature ensures that the Gifting System will never run out of Donations coming in, so no one will ever end up stiffed,  passed over, or neglected. It’s a big Win-Win for Everyone!

For the more Technically minded:
The core technologies  have been in usage for many decades in some cases, so of course they’re legal. In fact, the Pending Patent Applications actually spell out how the System is designed and operates, and shows how it’s not a Ponzi scheme or a Multi-Level Marketing scheme, or even Crowdfunding, strictly speaking.

Because the technology is Patent Pending and proprietary in nature, the actual mechanics of the System can’t be divulged. But rest assured, the Gifting System is indeed legal, and forms the basis for a viably workable and truly equitable Universal Basic Income System, or UBI.

“Reimagine Everything About Life”.  Why?  Because extra (“Free”) money will definitely help you to get there and do that.

R.E.A.L. is a multi-Patent Pending Revolutionary Technology engineered to effortlessly and Globally benefit the masses of humanity, through a Futuristic System of Wealth Generation, Distribution, and Re-Distribution – all without taxing people to death!

The System and architecture is absolutely historic in its effect and implications, and will permanently alter civilization as we know it. And why not? It’s about the people taking their massive power back, to benefit themselves, rather than benefiting only the few at the expense of everyone else.

The old adage that “There’s power in numbers” couldn’t be more true, especially in the case of this Cutting Edge Technology, designed and engineered specifically to take advantage of the vast numbers of humanity – for the benefit of all humanity.

We fully understand. The ETHOS R.E.A.L. System is so advanced and revolutionary that it indeed “seems” unbelievable. But we all well know that many past ‘revolutionary’ technologies all seemed ‘unbelievable’ at the time.  Think about it…

Consider cell phones and video conferencing  we now take so for granted was considered impossible 100 years ago!  And who could have ever predicted the internet?

The fact is, however, that the R.E.A.L. System and Technology is very powerful, REAL, and will help ALL of humanity, not to mention failing Government programs, Businesses, and World Economies. It’s designed most especially to lift up the middle class, the poor and the downtrodden – to have a higher quality of life.

The System White Paper explains various “Free” money method-ologies, such as the Stock Market, Investment Dividends, Annuities, Crowdfunding, Residual and Passive income, Government “benefits” (hand-outs), the Lottery, Gambling, etc., all “Free” money.

So, “Free” money isn’t exactly a new or impossible idea. We’ve simply achieved a workable methodology and architecture to enable a Global and civilization-altering application of it, and turned it into a Universal Basic Income (UBI) supplemental income System. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the Best is yet to Come!

Firstly, although the System has a Matrixed form for its basis, this System is “Circular”, meaning that Members “Cycle” over and over, again and again, circulating and recirculating throughout the System.  This is and entirely different methodology from a “pyramid” type structure and typical Matrix based payout systems.

Secondly, pyramid schemes are illegal.  So, no.  This again is obviously not a pyramid scheme.  If you mean is this a Multi-Level Marketing scheme?  The answer again is a resounding No.  Because in Multi-Level Marketing, you have to sell something, you must purchase something (usually monthly), and you are absolutely required to sponsor or “recruit” people in order to “qualify” to receive pay-out commissions.

The R.E.A.L. System doesn’t require you to purchase anything, sell anything, or recruit anyone, Ever.  The System is a “Gifting” and “Receiving” System – mostlyReceiving”🙂  Think of it like Crowdfunding – but far more Advanced, and far more powerful, enriching everyone, not just one individual campaign starter.  The “explainer” videos and White Paper will help you understand better how remarkable the System is and how it works.  But the more important thing is to start Receiving money, pay off your bills, and enjoy a better life and lifestyle!

Ponzi schemes are an illegal scam, promising things they can’t deliver. Circular Gifting is Next Level Crowd-Sharing/Gifting. It’s not about investing or anything risky.  Ponzi schemes are also always about lots of money.  R.E.A.L.™  Gifting/Receiving Technology is based on the predictable and scalable principles of compounding.  The most obvious fact is, no one gets hurt by Donating only $28.  But we can go well beyond that, because…

Furthermore, a System synergy is developed by the constant flow of new and existing Members who continually enter into and exit the Gifting/Receiving circuit. Smart Contract algorithms make this dynamic process happen flawlessly and automatically, ensuring that there is never an end to the entrants and re-entrants into the System. Ponzi schemes eventually and always run out of new people.  That’s what makes them “Ponzi’!  R.E.A.L. doesn’t!  And is failsafe with it’s Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Underwriting components operating synergistically and continually to maintain systemic balance and thereby further secure the assets of Platform users.

Moreover, the added and entirely unique feature of systematic Underwriting absolutely assures a solid and fundamental System integrity, something that’s lacking even in the Banking and Insurance Industries, which was proven by the 2008 “Too Big To Fail” crisis.

In other words,  R.E.A.L. technology is more than capable of providing a reliable and entirely new Banking and Insurance sectors Underwriting methodology, proving itself to be well beyond a mere “Gifting/Receiving” and even UBI system. 

R.E.A.L. is therefore a highly “Disruptive” technology in the most positive and productive sense possible.

The robust System architecture of the R.E.A.L. technology forms the basis for a viable and truly equitable Universal Basic Income System, or UBI.

Universal Basic Income System (UBI)
The idea of a UBI has been proposed for decades by governments, economists, and futurists, without anyone being able to actually produce a System that is capable of generating vast amounts of wealth without excessive taxation. Taxes ultimately burden everyone, not just businesses, because businesses just pass those tax costs onto consumers anyway. Inflation is the most hidden and insidious of all taxes, affecting the poor and middle class the worse and hardest.

The ETHOS System with its R.E.A.L. Technology at the core, delivers everything humanitarians, visionaries, and futurists have long considered, and far more. What you’re seeing here is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  The Best is Indeed Yet to Come!  And you can explore the possibilities and plans for the System in the ETHOS White Paper located under “PAGES” here on this site.

The easiest way to understand this unique and Patent Pending technology is to watch the 2 short entertaining videos here!  

In Brief

ACTIION is a 501(c)3 Corporation formed for the express purpose of providing other qualified Charitable Foundations and Organizations with financial capital to increase their Humanitarian Relief Aid, scope, and effect.
ACTIION offers an inescapable incentive for its Members to donate, and not just donate, but donate significantly large sums of money to Charity, Globally, and effortlessly, that provides a net ZERO TAX “Advantage” to its Members by doing so.
What is the  R.E.A.L. ACTIION “Advantage”?

In short, it’s an advancement in the R.E.A.L. (RCF) technology called “Parallel Gifting”,  a massive ZERO TAX event game-changer.

  1. Crypto and Crowdfunding gains are both individually taxable.
  2. The unique, Patent Pending “Parallel Gifting” System nullifies up to 100% of taxes.
How Does it Work?

The money you Receive in the R.E.A.L. Gifting/Receiving Platform is largely-to-entirely offset by what you (auto) “Donate” in the ACTIION Charitable Foundation platform.  The end-result is a ZERO TAX to near-zero taxable event. 

The R.E.A.L. and ACTIION platforms share the same Smart Contracts and Operational Database for a seamless and cohesive UI/UX.  See the website and 2 short videos here! 

Here’s how R.E.A.L. Technology creates a non-taxable event – no matter how much $$ is received.


R.E.A.L. Members join ACTIION – a Charitable Foundation that donates money to other well-established and existing global Charitable Foundations to support their humanitarian work.

After joining ACTIION, R.E.A.L. Members auto-donate an initial $25 into the ACTIION Charitable  Donation Platform. The $25 comes from the Member’s “Cycle” money, so there’s nothing out-of-pocket.  This begins the “Parallel” Gifting.

The money that is generated for the Member in their R.E.A.L. Gifting account, (all of which goes to the Member), is duplicated in their ACTIION Gifting account, (all of which goes to ACTIION Charity).  This “off-sets” monetary receipts of Members.

The result is that the Member’s tax liability is reduced down to net ZERO, (minus “Advantage” and Bonus Cycles).

So, even if R.E.A.L. Members are receiving many thousands of dollars per year they pay ZERO in taxes.  AND, Global Humanitarian Aid is a major beneficiary.

What If…  there was a far more effective Monetary Generation and Distribution, Charitable Foundation business model way… And now there is…

The reason most Social Media Platforms are free, Facebook, Google, and others, is because they monetize you. They turn You into Money. They become Billionaires with private jets and mansions by you tweeting, watching, liking, and sharing.

R.E.A.L. is different – seriously different.  We provide the means for everyone to monetize themselves by monetizing each other, to share in the vast wealth generated by the masses of humanity.

Our philosophy and question is: “Why should the few – become outlandishly rich – off the backs of ‘We The People'”?

We knew there simply had to be a better way – something R.E.A.L.  the people could call their own – because it was made by them for them… a System that could level the playing field and spread the vast wealth of the world around, to enrich everyone, not just the few at the expense of the rest of us.

It’s Your life – Your way. We’re just here to help you achieve a better version of it.

As the old saying goes, “The only thing certain about life is death and taxes.”

That said, we do not withhold taxes.  Also, we are not tax advisors and cannot offer legal advice so we can’t answer that question. 

What we can say is that you should absolutely speak with a qualified tax accountant or professional to determine any tax liability that can be incurred through receiving gifts of any kind, particularly R.E.A.L. Gift Giving and Receiving.

Again, that said, Gift “giving” is often considered a tax write-off, and can offset any gift amounts Received.  Your Member Admin panel provides you with sections showing money gifted and received and can be used for tax purposes.  

R.E.A.L.  Members are entirely responsible for complying with their government’s tax laws.

So, our advice is to seek appropriate professional tax advice.  Any “Free” money you receive from R.E.A.L. should be used to keep you compliant with your tax obligations.  Using your “Free” money to pay your tax advisor means you’re receiving their professional service for “Free”. It’s a very small price to pay for such a huge monetary return on your Gift Giving & Receiving!

The System architecture is based on tried and proven, entirely legal capitalization and monetizing system methodologies that have been around for decades, in some cases centuries. Mathematics is the key, and sophisticated Engineering, along with modern technology, now makes it all possible.

The methodologies have been modified to eliminate systemic flaws and failures, enabling an organic, holistic, System synergy, producing an entirely Next Generation Technology to benefit all of Humankind.

The exact methodology is proprietary and multi-Patent Pending, so it’s undisclosable. What is most important here is making all lives better.

The actual mechanics of the process is Patent Pending and entirely proprietary so we can’t divulge the specifics. Coca Cola has a proprietary and highly “secret” formula which has never been revealed. However, people world-wide use and enjoy it anyway.

What we can say, is what Einstein said: “Compounding is the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’”, and we use compounding, along with other methodologies to generate and distribute money, (soon adding products, and services), to benefit all of Humankind, and not a moment too soon!

R.E.A.L.™ has apparent elements of “Crowd” and “Funding”, but that’s where the similarity ends and the Next Generation Technology begins. So no, R.E.A.L.™ isn’t exactly crowdfunding, although we sometimes market it that way for simplicity’s sake. But, “Funding” is not “Gifting”. You don’t get “funds” for your birthday.

Circular Gifting is how the Donation System works. You give a little so that you can receive a LOT, through a dynamic and fluid process powered by an advanced set of FinTech algorithms that mathematically compounds donations and redistributes them throughout the System, fully automatically, non-stop, and Globally, so you’re always receiving money!

There are various levels or Stages. Each Stage level Cycles continuously for you, and all operate in the same way.

Because the Gifting and Receiving money amounts can change to accommodate many factors, to avoid confusion we’re unable to state specific amounts, only the process.

Let’s assume that there are only two Stages, and after a first Stage Cycle you receive $100 in Gift donations, and after the second Stage Cycle you receive $300 in Gift donations.  Higher Stages require higher donation amounts, and you receive higher Gift donations.  Also, the more you Cycle the more you receive.

The first Stage requires the least amount of donation money to enter. Right now it’s set at $25. As you recall from our videos, the stream of people entering behind you push you forwards and up through the various levels in each of the Stages. When you exit this first Stage you receive a gross monetary distribution of, say, $100. Out of that gross amount, 10% is automatically deposited for you in your Guardian Vault account. Also, $25 is taken out for you to Auto Re-Enter this same Stage.  The Net amount is instantaneously sent to your wallet.

After your very first Cycle only, a higher amount is taken out to Auto-Enter you into the next higher Stage.  Let’s say it’s $50.  So your first time (only) Cycle of this first Stage Net Proceeds would be $15, because $25 would be for your Auto Re-Entry donation, $50 for your higher level donation, $10 (10%) Auto-Saved for you in your GUARDIIAN Vault account, and $15 distributed to you.

However, in this first Stage level, all future Auto Re-Entry Cycles will provide you with a $65 Net Proceeds, because you will not have to donate the (one-time only) $50 into the second higher Stage level.

 Now, you are Auto-re-cycling through the first Stage, and beginning your gifting-receiving process in the second, higher Stage. The process is exactly the same as the first Stage. So, when you exit the second Stage, your money is automatically redirected for you, and your final net amount is again, instantly sent to your wallet.

Let’s say that your Gross Proceeds from the second Stage are $300.  Again, after your very first Cycle only, a higher amount is taken out to auto-enter you into the next higher Stage (if available).  Let’s say it’s $100.  So your first time (only) Cycle of this first Stage Net Proceeds would be $120, because $50 would be for your Auto Re-Entry donation back into this second Stage, $100 for your next higher Stage level donation, and $30 (10%) Auto-Saved for you in your GUARDIIAN Vault account, with the remaining $120 distributed to you.

In this second Stage level, all future Auto Re-Entry Cycles will provide you with a $220 Net Proceeds, because you won’t need to donate the (one-time only) $100 into a third higher Stage level.

Keep in mind that all of this happens from your initial $28, with no other out of pocket expense!  It’s all accomplished through compounding the money through the various levels of gifting within each Stage, and the Auto Re-Entry process which keeps re-populating the System, creating and enabling the constant Cycler dynamic.  This remarkably synergistic System architecture (multiple Patents Pending) is incredibly fluid, unlike outmoded predecessor static binary and matrix driven distribution systems with their additional inherent limitations.   

Furthermore, these Stages, are separate, R.E.A.L., modules. They’re able to be used for Gifting and Receiving not only money, but also products, and services. Yes, we’re talking about free, Gifted, products, and services, received on a weekly and monthly basis, week after week, month, after month. You’ll simply decide what you want to Receive! It’s entirely your choice, and simply doesn’t get any better than this!  

As you might guess, we’re expecting our System to significantly reduce crime related poverty. It’s a win-win. Win!

These additional product and service related modules, are a feature that will be integrated into the system, once the system has been sufficiently populated. So it’s definitely something to look very forward to, And gives you every reason to keep coming back to this site and your Admin Panel see what advancements are continually being made.

There’s no Selling involved, just Gifting. Plus, it’s fully Automated, so you don’t need to do anything except Sign-up, Donate, Receive!

Of course! But, why would you want to cancel getting “Free” (Gifted) Money?!?
But, if you really don’t need or want the money, there’s a cancellation section in your Member Admin panel and you can cancel at any time. But remember, as soon as you cancel, the money stops. So, make sure you never give your Account information to anyone!

Firstly, the EQUIIUS “E” currency used in the R.E.A.L. Platform for “Gifting/Receiving” is a “Stablecoin”, tethered to the US dollar.  Unlike Bitcoin and other mainstream cryptocurrencies that fluctuate in value, the purpose of “Stable” coins is specifically to provide a stable” and reliable currency, because they do not fluctuate in value.

The R.E.A.L. Platform is  solidly committed to provide a permanent and stable monetary generation, compounding, and distribution of wealth to and throughout its members.  The absolute safety and security of blockchain technology used by the largest banking institutions in the world assures everyone that their money is safe and secure.  Period.

The next question then is: Is Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency worth investing in? Should you even consider using cryptocurrencies or hold back due to the fear that this market might vanish in the future? The truth is that according to the majority of experts, cryptocurrencies aren’t going anywhere and they are here to stay. In fact, Governments worldwide along with Banking, Securities Trading Institutions are adopting cryptocurrencies in one form or another.

The fact is, the regulation of an asset or security is the proof of its veracity and long-term future. Both the United States an the EU have already approved various bills for the regulation of cryptocurrencies.  Furthermore,  countries like Australia and Japan allow the storing of Bitcoin as property.

Conversely, Communist China has been against Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies because cryptocurrency offers freedom in so many ways, but has determined to create its own digital currency, which it says will be backed by Gold.  Even Singapore’s recent statements from high level officials at Singapore’s central bank reveal that the country is creating its own cryptocurrency. They also have other crypto-based projects and are seriously looking into tokenized cryptocurrency solutions at government levels.

All of these new developments may serve as an evidence that Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole is here to stay and might even form the basis of world economics in the future.  R.E.A.L. is on the cutting edge of many technologies, and blockchain ranks foundationally among the highest.

Bitcoin’s 2023 shakeup  put many in doubt about its resilience, but the pioneering digital currency showed yet again that it’s not a fad. Some experts have already predicted Bitcoin to go as high as $100,000 in the near future. In fact, they are so confident about its progress that they believe it will happen sooner than later.

Economic uncertainty, stock and bond market problems, inflation, and many other factors have only been strengthening the  cryptocurrency market, and continually driving it higher and higher.  Is the cryptocurrency market volatile?  Yes, due to its decentralized nature, so knowledge and caution are always needed, as with any investment.  But for holders of the EQUIIUS ‘E” Stable coin there are no worries.

ETHOS is a System comprised of a revolutionary methodology and system architecture enabled by a powerful set of algorithms. The System is vast and has multiple Patents Pending. The “Free” Money R.E.A.L. generating architecture of the System is merely one of the many concomitant System “Modules”.

The System architecture and state-of-the-art algorithms allow for the organic and synergistic generation of entirely “Free” money. Additionally, entirely “Free” Products and Services (Modules) will follow.

ETHOS™ R.E.A.L. is a highly disruptive technology that will quite intentionally “alter the course of civilization.” It is meant to “level the playing field”, so that everyone and anyone can live a better and fuller life. It’s based on the practical and predictable philosophy that “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

ETHOS is neither a residual income, nor passive income System. It is a hybrid System which boasts the best elements of those two income models, but is more advance and requires zero knowledge and absolutely minimal effort (simply sign-up) to enable Members to receive “Autonomous Free” (Gifted) Money.

The short answer is, up to 10 months or even longer to Auto-Advance from one level to the next, but that entirely depends on how many people are entering into the System behind you and where you are in the queue.

In other words, it can take up to a year and a half to Auto-Advance from Basic, through Plus, to Premium.

So, the best way to assure that you are receiving the amount of money you want and need is to be active in all 3 Levels of Donating at once.

There is no need to upgrade.  The System “Auto-Advance” feature “Auto-Progresses” everyone sequentially into the next higher donation Gifting/Receiving level.  It’s really quite remarkable.

The method of using a small part of the Gift money you receive, to advance you to the next Stage/Level, and also Re-Enter you into the same Stage/Level, assuring that you don’t suffer any out-of-pocket expense, is simply pure genius.

It’s also convenient and worry-free.  All you need to do is sit back and collect your Gifted Money, and of course figure out what you’re going to do with it all.

That entirely depends on how may people are entering into the System behind you and where you are in the queue.

It can take an average of 10 days or even longer before you Cycle. In addition, the amount of Cycle time and the number of Cycle’s can vary as well. Each level Cycles independent of the other(s), so the Donation proceeds you receive will be staggered, but still rewarding and exciting.

The best way to assure that you are receiving the amount of money you want and need is to be active in all 3 Levels of Donating.

There are various levels or Stages. Each Stage level Cycles continuously for you. Since the number of Stage levels can change due to System requirements, we’ll assume that there’s only 2 for simplicity’s sake.  However, the number of Stages can increase much higher, along with the monetary outcomes you can experience.

Also, the monetary amount can change due to System requirements, so for the sake of discussion, we’ll assume that the first Stage level results in $100, and the Second Stage level results in $300.  However, you’ll always know exactly the amount of Gift money you’re receiving either through your Admin panel, or your wallet balance.

The first Stage level is when you initially Sign-up and Register to enter into the Gifting/Receiving platform and donate your first amount, currently set at $25.  This Stage level receives the lowest amount of “Gross proceeds” in donation gifts. From the Gross amount, $25 (currently) is used to “Auto Re-Enter” you back into the System so you can receive another Cycle.  This process happens over and over, and over again. The remaining money from each Cycle is your “Net” proceeds”. That’s what you can withdraw from your account or is sent directly to your wallet. This “Gift” money is entirely yours. No strings attached!

The only time you don’t receive a typically full “Net proceed” from this first Stage level is when the System “Auto-Enters” you into the next higher Stage level. This process requires a higher donation amount which is Auto-withdrawn for you so you don’t have to self-monitor or deal with it yourself.

From this next higher Stage level you’ll receive a higher amount of “Gross proceeds” in donation Gifts. From that amount, the necessary re-donation amount is automatically deducted to “Auto Re-Enter” you back into this Stage so you can again, receive another Cycle.  Because the System is a “constant Cycler”, you’ll be able to Cycle over, and over again, constantly, and effortlessly.

All stages are consecutive and continuous payouts. Once you achieve each level you will always receive that Stage level’s payouts – continuously – forever, unless you cancel your Membership.

Why do 3rd party payment processors such as PayPal, MoonPay, and others need my personal information?

Identity verification is only very basic and is required in order to remain compliant with Global, Government mandated Anti-Money Laundering (AML), countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations internationally.  

It’s also important because the R.E.A.L.™ System needs to be protected from outside threats, fraudulent behavior, and bots. Without this protection, Members could lose out on all the benefits that R.E.A.L.™ provides now and expects to provide even more in the future – for everyone.

Whoever owns a bank account can sign-up. That said, only those 18 and over can legally sign-up and receive “Autonomous” (Free) Money.
However, those 13-17 who have “Custodial accounts” can participate. Their accurate age must be submitted into the System. Failure to do so can result in termination.

Circular Crowd Gifting is how the Donation System works. You give a little so that you can receive a LOT, through a dynamic and fluid process powered by an advanced FinTech, matrix-like algorithm that mathematically compounds donations and redistributes them throughout the System, fully automatically, non-stop, World-wide!

R.E.A.L. has apparent elements of “Crowd” and “Funding”, but that’s where the similarity ends and the Next Generation Technology begins. So no, R.E.A.L. isn’t exactly crowdfunding, although we sometimes market it that way for simplicity’s sake. But, “Funding” is not “Gifting”. You don’t get “funds” for your birthday.

Crowd Gifting is “Circular”, meaning its a Two-way street. And, it’s all about the gift Givers, which means EVERYONE. It’s worth repeating. EVERY- ONE who GivesRECEIVES! What could be more revolutionary and better than that!

Donation based crowd Funding is a one-way street. It’s only about the person or organization who wants or needs money. The people donating receive nothing in return, except maybe a warm fuzzy feeling, and that’s only one of the reasons it has such a high failure rate, even for Medical expenses.

There are 5 different forms of crowdfunding, all of which require a significant amount of effort to start a campaign and succeed in generating money. That’s another reason R.E.A.L. significantly parts company with crowdfunding.

Most crowdfunding campaigns fail for any number of reasons. Conversely, ETHOS R.E.A.L. is engineered specifically not to fail, anyone, anytime. It’s simple and organic, and requires near zero effort.

The R.E.A.L. System is absolutely Revolutionary, Cutting Edge, Futuristic, and Far Reaching. What you’re seeing here is only the tip of the massive iceberg – and the Best is Yet to Come! In the meantime, Get-R.E.A.L. – Money!

Absolutely not. That’s the beauty of the R.E.A.L. System. There’s no selling anything, no buying anything, no recruiting anyone, just Sign-Up and let the fully automated System do the rest. It simply just doesn’t get any easier or better than that, making the beauty of R.E.A.L., well, REAL! And far surpassing any Passive or Residual Income System that’s ever been developed before – or likely ever will be!

Absolutely not. Multi-Level marketing (MLM) requires participants to spend money buying their products, and requires participants to sell those products to others. Most people are not salespeople and so the industry suffers a 95% failure rate because of it.

Why Entirely Different From Multi-level Marketing?
The most important feature and advantage of R.E.A.L. is that you don’t have to sell anything or recruit anyone. In multi-level marketing, you MUST sponsor (recruit) at least one person, often more than one, which is hard work, especially for non-sales people.

Secondly, in the MLM system you MUST purchase a product, and SELL it, so you’re always spending money and trying to get other people to buy the product(s) that the multi-level company exclusively produces, often at a significantly inflated price so that sales commissions can be paid to the “upline”, i.e., the person who recruited you and the person who recruited them, and so on up the chain.

R.E.A.L. eliminates all that work and money-spending, and that’s what makes it so cutting edge and beyond MLM.

And lastly, the MLM system requires participants to become educated about the products, payout structures, and the entire MLM process, and that’s a lot of work! MLM payout structure(s) in almost every case are very difficult to achieve, even for professionals, and can take years and cost many thousands of dollars to even begin to earn any appreciable money from the structured payouts. R.E.A.L. requires zero selling, no special or continual education, and it’s so easy even a child can do it.

The major takeaway here is – Get-R.E.A.L.

A Matrix is simply a rectangular array of rows or columns used for distributional and calculation purposes. It’s how MLM’s calculate percentaged payouts. Although the R.E.A.L. System utilizes a form of Matrixed calculation for donation processing, i.e., distribution and compounding, the Matrix itself is entirely unique and distinct from every form of multi-level marketing.

In the case of R.E.A.L., its Matrix is uniquely “fluid”, vs. the “static” nature of multi-level marketing Matrixes. That’s another reason why the System is multi-Patent Pending.

You don’t have to be “invited” by anyone to join and become a Member of the community, you can just sign-up. The System Platform provides a generic code for this purpose.

If you did receive an invitation Code, by all means use it when you sign-up, so that both you and whoever invited you can be linked together in the System and benefit each other.

As the System evolves and grows it’s going to provide those who invited others with additional benefits and opportunities. It will also provide those who were invited with additional benefits and opportunities. It’s a win-win situation if you’re invited, or do the inviting, unlike most all residual income systems.

Unlike direct sales, Multi-level Marketing, or affiliate-type programs, the R.E.A.L. System doesn’t sell anything or require anyone to buy anything.
Plus, it’s a “Free” (Gifted) Money System that requires almost zero effort and very little money to get into. So, who wouldn’t want to get in and tell their family and friends with or without a personal reward anyway? That’s why the “Sponsoring” benefits are not a “get rich quick” scheme. It only makes sense.

The reason MLM and Affiliate systems provide sales commissions is because without that no one would bother doing the hard work of “selling” that company’s juice and vitamins.

Our Circular Gifting System is deep, and believe it or not, R.E.A.L. “Free” (Gifted) Money is only a small part of it. So, in the future there will be System features that enable Sponsors and those who are sponsored to benefit greatly from being inter-connected and linked P2P.

Also, in anticipation of “Free” (Gifted) Products and Services, (in addition to “Free” (Gifted) R.E.A.L. Money), there’s going to be a whole lot of Social Network Metaverse interaction. Therefore, we provide the Sponsoring option for anyone who wants to indulge in building a strong and vibrant self-controlled Community all their own. It’s our – “Your life – Your way” – philosophy hard at work for you.

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer.”  It’s a globally mandated government regulation to assure that there is no serious crime and money laundering going on.

When you go into a bank to deposit money into your account they ask to see your ID. You’re physically standing right in front of them, so they can obviously verify you against your picture ID.  

Online banking requires the same procedure, and so the KYC regulation asks to see your ID.  To make sure you’re a real person and it’s really your ID, the KYC asks you to provide physical evidence that you are actually you, which requires the use of your phone to video to allow looking at you  moving your head to prove you’re “real”. 

This relatively quick procedure is simply to keep society safe from scammers, predators and criminals.  It’s also to keep you safe from identity theft

This feature is not currently available for you to take advantage of.  However, when it is, you’ll be able to easily get money into and out from the Platform, and it will enable you to transfer your money directly to and from your bank.

If you choose to use this feature, your bank account verifies you as a real person, and this helps us prevent bots and scammers from taking advantage of the System and ruining things for the rest of us.

Any Crowdfunding campaign platform requires you to provide valid personal information if you want to start a campaign and get “free money”. We’re no different, except that you don’t have to jump through all the hoops and loops to start a campaign and try to advertise it and get it off the ground. Our System is far superior to any Crowdfunding or Direct Sales or other “Residual Income” type system. There’s no need for you to sell anything or educate anyone. Just join, and that’s it. The System does all the rest. If you want to tell your family and friends so they can get “Free money”, no problem.

Stating the obvious – Socialism takes vs. gives. Governments don’t generate money or wealth; they get it by taking it via taxes and other mechanisms, the most destructive and sinister of which is inflation.  Inflation attacks and devalues the currency, making it worth less and less. 

The worse thing about inflation is that it affects the poor and working classes the most deeply, because they have very little money to begin with, and no real way to get more, and so getting less and less for their money their already meager standard of living decreases even more.

ETHOS actually protects against inflation – and Socialism, because the R.E.A.L. technology gives, whereas the others take.

ETHOS gives vs. takes – because R.E.A.L. generates money or wealth. It also generates or stimulates commerce – and services sectors, all of which stimulate economies. It’s the antithesis of Socialism. The M.A.R.I.S. system promotes Capitalism and production (see video series).

ETHOS could conceivably be the one thing that forestalls the collapse of current financial systems because the Technology is so powerful that it can deliver mankind from the many miseries it has created for itself.

In very fact, the System was engineered to solve many of the world’s most deleterious and harmful choices throughout the centuries, piled one on top of each other, and so intertwined that the bad simply couldn’t be separated from the good, so even the good became corrupted in many cases.

ETHOS was very specifically engineered to be capable of being superimposed upon the very broken and corrupted world systems, and function literally as its own world, as within a “BIIOSPHERE“. If the world takes care of the System, it will be well rewarded with the System taking superior care of it.

The GUARDIIAN Vault was developed to serve the monetary needs of Members, namely You!  It’s a simple concept.  You take care of yourself, by taking care of your future self.


We’re all acutely aware that Government “benefits” are running out of funding, resulting in cut-backs and elimination of benefits in part or entirely, deeply affecting the poor, the elderly, the disabled, everyone.  Something needed to be done so make sure “We The People” had a nest-egg secured that couldn’t be lost to the ravages of Stock Market volatility, pillaging, inflation, and other factors so harmful to the average person.


How does it work? 

After you Cycle any given Stage, approximately 10% of your Gross proceeds is dedicated to your future needs. This money is set aside and Secured for you in the GUARDIIAN Vault Depository.
You will be able to take out interest free loans against your Vault account when it has reached a certain maturity, currently set at 36 months of accumulated funds.  The loans will be repaid automatically through your Cycles, currently set at 50% of Net Proceeds.  In other words, you will repay yourself and replenish your Vault money through your Cycle money.  When your Vault is once again whole, you can again request another interest-free loan.  This feature is of course for larger amounts of money.


In the future we plan to tie-in a Debit card to your Vault account, to enable you to use a certain percentage of your account for things like vacations, shopping sprees, emergencies, whatever.  The remainder is set to provide for your future, such as early retirement.


The main thing here is, you won’t be a slave to debt and high interest rates sucking the life out of you and the world economy.  And that, along with every other major benefit is the ultimate beauty of your secure GUARDIIAN Vault Depository.